The east Africa customs and cultures is born of myriad sources and influences both old and new.
Despite the varied influences that have shaped our society, the culture in East Africa
Has become truly and purely east African.
If any one thing speaks of this unique character, it is the modern melding of traditional societies and cultures, example in Kenya it is possible to leave Nairobi, a city with thriving business heart powered by the latest technology ,and drive in just a few hours to a elsewhere life is lived in accordance to tradition and customs. Masai warriors armed with spears drive cattle into thorn bush enclosures to protect them from lions at night. In this world, the, modern and the traditional live side by side and at times the lines blur
For many visitor to east Africa, this is evident with I n minutes of arrival.
Among the busy urban traffic, the sites of animals in search of fresh grass along the airport road are a popular.
Some peoples lament the gradual change in life styles, and loss of many customs and traditions into the modern life and values but life marches relentlessly.
The result is a completely unique culture in which is the site of Masai walking across the plains using the distended earlobes to support walkman headphones. A group of duruma joining a traditional wedding ritual in which a bride in sung out of her house by the grooms family, or a prominent businessman deep in the interior with a mobile phone
A great safari, we assure you await you in east Africa


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