The Mara Maasai Mara

East Africa straddles the equator and is a vast and beautiful land famed for some of the greatest national parks in Africa, inhabited by teaming numbers of large mammals; predators and birds sharing this beautiful land are numerous ethnic groups with cultural traditions. Among the better known are the bajun, kikuyu ,samburu and turukana. But perhaps the most famous are the masai ruled much of East Africa and their worriers were known for their bravery.

Now concentrated in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the masai are mainly cattle herders who firmly believe that any other pursuit would be demeaning to them and insulating to their god. They have such a strong belief in the superiority of their culture that it has so far been strong enough to survive the pressures of the modern world. As a visitor today, you will still see their daily life going on in traditional way.
Sipi tours and safaris is committed in protecting those peoples, places and the wildlife and are leaders in conservation and environment preservation. .

The richness of east African wildlife combines with the magnificence of the landscape makes it the perfect place for an exhilarating and unique experience. With our best ability in choosing the best hotels and Safari lodges location most clients a have always come back to us or gone further  to recommend their friend, relative, family members and companies to use our services.


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