East Africa is a land of enormous variety and stunning beauty, from the teeming savannah plants to the Serengeti to the Great Rift Valley, from snow-capped peaks to warm, azure seas. Not forgetting fresh and saltwater lakes, extinct volcanoes and coral reefs. This beautiful region is pure heaven. It is almost to imagine how beautiful it really is until you’ve experienced it.

Adventures and travelers have been exploring East Africa for almost two centuries and today tourism is one of the largest sources of income. It is crucial, however, that any development in tourism be sympathetic to the natural and often fragile environment, and  Sipi tours and safaris is very conscious of this.
Our philosophy that ‘ tourism should offer a distinctive experience of the country visited rather than an alien Western experience in an African country` is their firm ethos.
We have adopted the recommendations suggested by each survey to minimize environment impact and maximise socio-economic benefit for the region concerned.

Sipi tours and safaris prides itself on blending indigenous culture, tours safaris and excursions of the highest of international standards of hospitality, care and service. Visitors to the heart of East Africa who choose to undertake options with us will experience the ‘real’ Africa as its meant to be, with its natural and traditional heritage preserved in style.


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