Kenya and Tanzania are countries of great attractions and history. With the early arrival of different foreign group since the  13th centuary led by the Arabs   the Portuguese  and finally the British, east Africa  boasts with lots of historical sites monuments and cultural attractions. 

A visit to east African towns and villages is therefore an opportunity to explore, learn and experience the old African cultural coexistence, blend with the different foreign activities of the past and modern life. Kenya and Tanzania therefore offers its visitors lots of sights with everlasting memories.

Sipi tours and safaris therefore brings you to these sites


Nairobi often referred as the city in the sun, is the biggest city of the famous country Kenya.

Having acquired independence since 12 December 1963, the country has had a steady growth ever since the last 45 years.

Holding the biggest harbor in east Africa Kilindini,Naorobi is the centre of logistical activities  for all the landlocked countries including Uganda,Tanzania,Rwanda,Burundi and incudinsg all west African countries. with the need to meet the need for a fast growing big hotel for both business and holiday makers have been built making one of the busy towns of east Africa.

In order to meet the need for recreational facilities and excursion from the city center of Nairobi,

We have several options which would ease your tension after your long business program



Mombassa is a colorful island town with a blend of ancient and modern on the Indian ocean, is a Kenya s principal port an d second largest city .being a very vibrant town, its history dates back the early movement of the foreign ranging form explorers to Arab merchant of the 13 century. The old of the Mombassa town truly reflects the Arab, Portuguese and existence with historical monument a such as the Portuguese fortress and the old harbor as the main sites.

Now being a Cosmopolitan town, the city provide a living for over 1.5 million people working a round the clock.

This has made Mombassa be a city in the tropical sun overlooking the endless waters of the Indian ocean.

A visit to Mombassa makes you experience the mixture of old and new in a cool co-existence



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