In eco and cultural is very diverse, community Eco tourism lodges are fast becoming the alternative safari experience in east Africa.
Many large area of previously unattended wilderness alongside working ranches were once the scourge of the poacher and are now havens for big game. these areas provide a safe migratory corridor between major wildlife reserves and great migrating elephants herds have recently once again become accustomed to use these corridors as a matter of course.
Ranchers and conservationist have realized the potential of these areas and have assisted the local people and communities in constructing small and intimate lodges totally in tune with the environment in which they are located.
These small lodges offer direct access to the indigenous tribal cultural and the chance to understand and be involved in community conservation.
Your local hosts provide all the services for the camp attired in their colorful traditional dress.
Their Naturally friendly demeanor and knowledge of the bush are high lights of any eco-lodge experience.
While in the camp /lodge, there are many activities to choose from providing a special opportunity to witness daily rural living, including livestock keeping, traditional hunting skills, rite rituals and dances.


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