Charity begins at home, that’s what sipi tours and safari was born of, in order to be providing up market products available, one has first to be able to provide services successfully to the local people.
Sipi tours and safaris have endeavored to make services, facilities and options available to all. Our biggest role has been and is still enlightening the local people what they can locally explore.
Surely there is a lot to be seen and experienced with in our beautiful east African land scapes, national park, and holidays resort and in the available recreational facilities. It’s easier and considerable cheap to the locals to undertake most of the options as most may not need the visas and airfares most clients incur.
In these options, the local explore and enjoy the services and sceneries while at the same time promote the local investors. We have lots of eye catching sites, educational options ranging from cultural center visits, excursions and safaris, to hotel and game lodge accommodation, holiday packages, conference facilities and incentives to long term apartments or accommodation arrangements.


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