Mombassa is one of the oldest east Africa coastal towns. Having been very vibrant and an active town since the 13th century Mombasa was known as one of the slaves’ collection and export centre during the Arab rule. A visit to Mombasa covers the historical and cultural attractions of the 12.8sq km Island While on Mombassa town tour you would visit the old vegetable and spices MacKinnon market. It also covers the historical elephant tusks, the Portuguese fortress fort Jesus and the old Arab town consisting of the old Arab houses commonly known for the wooden covered door and balconies. Visit a Kamba wood carving workshop a society with 4000 experienced souvenirs carvers. Finally relax on an Arab Dhow as you enjoy a sea food lunch aboard the tamarind dhow restaurant. After lunch drive to Bamburi nature trail (Haller Park commonly known for the big tortoise, crocodiles, giraffe and antelopes a variety of bird’s species.)

Tamarind Dhow Restaurant 

Forty Jesus Mombasa

Elephant Tusks Mombasa


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