An exclusive state of the art accommodation in the middle of wildness, finch Hatton's is a world class five star tented lodge in Tsavo west National park

Tell them I'll in Tsavo; TSAVO-a most evocative location if ever there was one. It now seems hard to explain it all way, but 30 years ago Tsavo was still the classic hunting ground for the renowned dig game hunters and few as famous as Deny Finch Hatton's. Why? What was the attraction?
Tsavo is traditionally home for the African elephants
Nestled on the foot of the chylu hills, Finch Hatton's FH is a one mans dream of the ideal, a genuine conservation friendly, luxury tented lodge named after the aristocrat who introduced Royalty to the bush and whose style was impeccable. For Denys, Mozart and cut crystal were the essential kit
This is the style that gave birth to the ideal that is FH.
Now you can enter this rather different world and enjoy a fresh perspective.
The 35 acres that form Finch Hatton's are unfenced; lion's buffalo, elephants, giraffe, plains game including the [lesser kudu] come and go as they please. They are most welcome for really this is their home shared with residents' hippos and crocs. the former surely pass by many of the tents at night for this is their time for grazing and FH tents have been thoughtfully located alongside their walkways while the ecology of FH is closely monitor by wildlife experts

Cottars 1920s Camp-Masai Mara Game Reserve

The cottars safari tradition began in 1919.nearly ninety tears, the family continues to provide unparalleled safari experience to clients from all over the world.
Located in the world renowned MASAI MARA bordering the Serengeti, the camp is with in 22000 private acre concession.
Being an exclusive, the camp accommodate 16 clients in authentic, spacious white canvas tents
Each is luxuriously furnished with safari antiques and private bath room en suite. The camped equipped with a furnished library and the cuisine and the silver service is of the highest standards. Each tent has its own private butler.
Activities –Calvin Cotta spends most of the time at the camp and is complemented by a team of professional guides.
Guests can witness can witness the spectacular wild beast migration as it moves through this area every year whilst prolific game viewing are guaranteed.


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